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Preoperative Cytologic Interpretation of Noninvasive Follicular Thyroid Neoplasm with Papillary-Like Nuclear Features: A 1-Year Multi-Institutional Experience 

Ricardo R. Lastra, MD, George Birdsong, MD, David H. Hwang, MD, Merce Jorda, MD, PhD, Darcy A. Kerr, MD, Cindy McGrath, MD, Shelley Odronic, MD, Rema Rao, MD, Paul A. VanderLaan, MD, PhD, Joe W. Walker, MS, SCT(ASCP), Tatjana Antic, MD

Journal of the American Society of Cytopathology
Volume 7, Issue 2, March/April 2018; p79-85

eJournal Contributing Author: 
Michiya Nishino, MD, PhD
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/Harvard Medical School
Boston, MA