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Results from the 2019 American Society of Cytopathology Survey on Rapid On-site Evaluation – Part 1: Objective Practice Patterns

Paul A. Vander Laan MD, PhD, Yigu Chen MPH, PMP, Deepu Alex MD, PhD Ronald Balassanian MD, JackieCuda BS, SCT(ASCP), Rana S.Hoda MD, Peter B. Illei MD, Cindy M. McGrath MD, Melissa L. Randolph BS, SCT(ASCP), Jordan P. Reynolds MD, Amy J. Spiczka MS, SCT, MB, HTL (ASCP), Meredith A. Vande Haar BS, SCT(ASCP), Annemiekevan Zante MD, PhD, Jennifer L. Sauter MD

Journal of the American Society of Cytopathology
Volume 8, Issue 6, Nov/Dec 2019, p333-341

eJournal Contributing Author: 
Sigfred Lajara, MD
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania