Cultural Competency: An Essential Skill in the Practice of Cytopathology

Cell Talks, initiated by the Cytopathology Program Directors Committee (CPDC), are online learning modules that help educate residents and fellows about various topics in cytopathology. They are intended to complement residency and fellowship training in areas outlined by the ACGME Milestones. Each Cell Talk includes a 10-15 minute, “bite-sized” audiovisual presentation accompanied by 3-5 assessment questions.

Residents and fellows are encouraged to submit a Cell Talk.  If interested, please contact the ASC National Office (302.543.6583) or visit the Cell Talks submission page on the ASC Web site at .


Target Audience

Cytopathology Fellows and Pathology Residents

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the need for cultural competency, its importance in our daily practice and be aware of bias
  • Demonstration of cultural competency
  • Model cultural competency for care and at the workplace
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Vaidehi Avadhani, MD, Fellow, Cytopathology

Marina Mosunjac, MD, Associate Professor, Pathology

Emory University
Atlanta, Georgia

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